Walk for Welfare Project aims to support for several Philanthropic and Humanitarian Assistance (PHA) by conducting several walk for welfare events. The project aims to put an effort with a noble cause to improve human welfare without expecting in returns and can be considered as charity for noble cause.  NRNA Australia has been actively conducting such projects from the time of its establishment and will keep continue working for such projects. Recently it has played a vital role with collective effort of Nepalese Diaspora in Australia to support the construction of Pathibhara Shraddashram in Nepal with the slogan “Walk for Nepal” and this time it aims to support for Student Welfare by conducting an event with the slogan of “Walk for Welfare”. It also aims to run such events for other fund raising charity events if needed.


Carry out Walk for Welfare Program to support Student Welfare Fund Raising Program and any others.


  • Brain storming state wide discussion on the potential activities and action plan
  • Investigate few programs in all States in collaboration with NCC and SCC,
  • Work out associated cost along with fund raising strategy and assist relevant task force to complete the project in time
  • Initiate and take active role for sudden humanitarian assistance program in future
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the projects in time