The majority of our community members are students. NRNA should take appropriate initiation to support them where possible

High Level Scope

  • Assist students and new migrants where possible
  • Liaise among students, agents and Nepali authority
  • Liaise among students, Department of immigration, and colleges and universities

Plan & Prepare

  • Find out the challenges being faced by students and new migrants
  • Work out how agents, colleges and university can help to overcome the issues/challenges being faced by them
  • Work with Education Consultancy Association of Nepal.(ECAN) in Nepal to provide relevant information to students before arriving to Australia
  • Work out how the Department of Immigration can contribute
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


  • Execute the project as planned and prepared


  • Parallel Statewise Committee will be formed
  • Co-ordinator can add more consultant/member as required discussing with the committee