Social welfare of the community members involves looking after them during difficult times, especially during and after unforeseen incidents. A Social Welfare Fund, a dream project of NRN Australia was initiated in 2011 and NRNA Australia has successfully collected significant amount of funds in 2011-2013. From that time, NRNA Australia has started supporting the people living in Australia in difficult situations by developing the guidelines of Social Welfare Fund and following it. To raise and manage fund in efficient way, guidelines need to be reviewed time to time.


  • Review the guidelines for its management, operation and sustainability.
  • Develop strategy for raising funds (if needed) without impacting other fund raising and charity projects


    • Identify the current status of the Social Welfare Fund
    • Review the current guidelines and policy for Social Welfare Fund Raising and Management
    • Develop a model to sustain the fund for long term
    • Prepare a revised guideline for smooth operation of the fund
    • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared