Social welfare of the community members involves looking after them during difficult times, especially during and after unforeseen incidents. A Social Welfare Fund, a dream project of NRN Australia was initiated in 2011 and NRNA Australia has successfully collected significant amount of funds in 2011-2013.  From that time, NRNA Australia has started supporting the people living in Australia in difficult situations using those funds remaining within the guidelines of Social Welfare Fund. In order to support this project, NRNA Australia needs to raise funds from time to time conducting fund raising programs time to time as per the need and operate and manage the fund in appropriate way for proper utilization of the funds to support the needy people. Therefore, efforts should be made, not only to collect the fund, but also to manage and distribute them appropriately.


  • To develop appropriate fundraising strategies that are sustainable on a long run
  • To raise fund for various causes as required
  • To support the community members in difficult situations
  • To manage the Social Welfare Fund properly


  • Identify the current status of the Social Welfare Fund
  • Review the current models of funding and model of fund distribution scheme.
  • Follow the fund collection and distribution guidelines and policy
  • Consult, discuss with community organisations and community leaders  and work out appropriate fund raising activities for next 2 years
  • Develop a mechanism to sustain the fund
  • Collaborate with other fundraisers/organizations for the common objectives
  • Execute the fundraising activities and manage and distribute the funds as per the policies agreed by NRNA Australia.
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared