Hundreds of well qualified, experienced skilled professionals & academics are residing and working in Australia in different Diaspora. To make significant contribution back home by sharing skills, knowledge, and innovation ideas, implementing the projects and assisting NRNA-ICC and Nepalese Government in Nepal in policy level for long term strategy development, NRNA- Australia felt importance of (SKI) Transfer - Task Group. SKI Taskforce was formed in NRNA Australia 2013 and will be continued in 2015-2017.


  • Discuss and work out ground up approach among different professionals in different states of Australia and develop a mechanism that encourage above mentioned well skilled professionals to make significant contribution back home.
  • Advise the NRN NCC and ICC on knowledge investment prospects, strategies, program for streamlining technology transfer as feasible for the development of Nepal.
  • Assist ICC SKI Taskforce to develop collaborative linkages with national as well as international organizations towards knowledge transfer and development of indigenous capabilities as may be feasible.


  • Review the progress on SKI initiatives so far
  • Start discussions and debate on different topics/ projects through exchange of ideas by email, conducting meetings, workshops and seminars and share the accurate information and expert’s opinion.
  • Start formal discussion, workshop and seminars nationally and work out potential projects along with the procedures and guidelines for implementation in Nepal in ground level
  • Establish appropriate networks for implementing the identified projects
  • Consult ICC and authority in Nepal and carry out the required feasibility study to implement the collaborative project recommended by SKI team
  • Start discussing for collaborative projects with potential stakeholder back in Nepal
  • Support ICC- SKI in the projects for  the Open University Initiative and Nepal Science Foundation plan
  • Review current skills database of skilled professionals of NRNA- Australia, collect data from new members, make revisions to database as appropriate and explore potentials options for utilizing the database to help SKI transfer
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared