There are/ will be a huge numbers of seniors retiring from their profession in Nepalese communities in Australia who might be a good resource of knowledge to provide the guidance to NRNA Australia. Utilizing knowledge, skills and experience of those resources for the benefit of community will be a great asset to the NRNA. NRNA Australia, first time after its establishment, has initiated the concept of “Senior Citizenship Forum”.  This project is needed for proper planning and developing the guidelines to develop a model and establish Senior Citizenship Forum under the umbrella of NRNA.


  • Consult with seniors about forming Senior Citizenship Forum.
  • Utilize the resource of knowledge from seniors  in community development


  • Consult with seniors in different community organizations and discuss and identify the importance of formation of senior citizenship forum
  • Carry out 1 day workshop on importance of senior citizenship forum and collect the feedbacks and suggestions
  • Formulate the Senior Citizenship Forum and prepare the scope and guidelines of Senior Citizenship Forum
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared