An earthquake of severity 7.9 magnitude that hit in Kathmandu and surrounding areas on Saturday 25th of  April  2015,  has been  declared as the worst earthquake in Nepal in the last 80 years, with 4.6 M people impacted and  thousands loss of life. It damaged most of ancient sites in Nepal and several of houses. NRNA Australia in associated with all the stakeholders and community organizations in Australia immediately appealed to everyone Australia wide to come forward to help in the rescue mission through fund raising, logistic and any volunteer support. In the same time, NRNA Australia NCC team joined hands with the NRNA ICC to support the victims by providing the logistic, collected funds and volunteers in rescue operation as Phase I and is committed to support in Rebuilding Nepal via construction of houses and/or rehabilitation of the victims in Phase II.


Support Nepal and Nepali in reconstruction of house and schools in devastated area


  • Review the supports collected till date, update and upload in NRNA Australia’s webpage
  • Prepare the plans for supporting NRNA ICC in rebuilding Nepal.
  • Run Fund raising programs throughout Australia to support the rebuilding Nepal project (if needed).
  • Support NRNA ICC in constructing houses for Rebuilding Nepal Project providing financial support as well as resources
  • Update the progress to the NRNA Australia’s registered members
  • Honor all the supporters for their support and donation for this project
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared