Nepali Language & Literature

Published Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 | Source: NRN - Australia

Our values, tradition, culture, heritage and literatures are our pride for all the Nepalese origin while staying overseas. With the grown of second generation of Nepalese in Australia, encouraging Nepali Language and literature is very important and we encourage our future generation to get involved to preserve our strength alive.


Promote Nepali Language and literature among the second generation of NRN.
Preserve and promote Nepali Language and Nepali literature in Australia, as Language and Literature are the most essential elements to our identity and our culture.

Coordinate with Nepali Language Schools and other literary organizations in Australia.
Disseminate the information of Nepali Language to all the registered members from time to time
Encourage to run Nepali Language School in different states ( and in different suburbs in the same state if possible) as needed and pass the information for applying government grants
Organize different programs to promote Nepali language and Literature for second generation.
Organize at least one mega event in a year, where both first and second generation members can participate and find out the hidden talent of the second generation members
Organize the Literature program frequently together with other organizations/groups, so that youth community can participate in creative work. It helps to involve more youth in NRN mission.
Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting

Execute the project as planned and prepared