NRNA Australia has been supporting for several Philanthropic and Humanitarian Assistance (PHA) by conducting several charity events. The Pathibhara Jestha Nagarik Shraddhashram project is the ongoing charity project of NRNA Australia which started in 2014 with the aim to respect and support old citizens by providing accommodation and facilitation. The project is progressing well in collaboration with Biratnagar Municipality which was initiated by the NRNA Australia by collecting funds in Australia via different charity programs such as Walk for Nepal and Pathibhara dinner program.

NRNA Australia signed the MOU with Biratnagar municipality in 2014 to support NRS 2 core 66 Lakhs (NRS 26,600,000) for the construction and operation of the Shraddasharm located in Biratnagar-11, a land of 1 Bighah- 10 Kattha inside Biratnagar Sub-metropolitan city which is aiming to accommodate minimum 50 old age people.


  • Support the construction of Pathibhara Jestha Nagarik Shraddashram, one of the biggest projects of NRNA Australia in our motherland.
  • Carry out several Charity programs to support the construction and operation of project for elderly people in Nepal.


  • Review the progress of the project so far and update NRNA members via social media and email
  • Prepare 2 years detailed plan for the fund raising and monitoring of the  project
  • Run several fund raising programs throughout Australia to support the project.
  • Submit progress report (at least half yearly) to the NCC and discuss the strategy for the timely completion of the project.
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared