Nepal Festival, a brand of NRN Australia, being organized in the major states in every two years to “Preserve and promote Nepali culture and maintain multicultural harmony in Australia” will be organized in 2016. During Nepal Festival 2016 in Australia, NRNA and its members will be engaged in promoting Nepal and Nepalese Culture in the major states of Australia by organizing Nepali cultural programs, by practicing and maintaining Nepali tradition, by establishing Nepal House where Nepali tradition, tourism and cultural heritage and diversity are displayed. Various Nepali cuisine and products being displaced for purchasing will put an effort to keep alive the Nepali heritage amongst us and multicultural nationalities who will be attending the festival and attract the attention and interest of the natives of these countries for Nepal promotion such as Tourism.


Organize Nepal Festival in all states and territories in 2016 (if possible)
Utilize Nepal Festival as an opportunity to promote our identity, culture, tradition, food and create an atmosphere of Nepal and show case our unity
Utilize the opportunity to promote Nepal as a tourism destination and as a potential place for making investment (targeted for non-Nepalese audience)
Utilize this as an opportunity to raise funds for our charity projects if needed


Each state to work out the feasibility of Nepal festival and tentative timeframe
Work with local CBO (community based organizations)
Work out the appropriate calendar for all states–the dates should be strategically practical
Work with local government & council and try to get appropriate support (financial and other as appropriate)
Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared