Sports are one of the ways of bringing people together and create harmony within the community. It also gives an opportunity for Nepali community members to showcase their talents. Similarly, this will help build up our relationship with other communities.


  • To work in collaboration with all Nepali sport clubs and organizations
  • To organize friendly matches in each state in collaboration with Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
  • To organize the national competition in different sports such as soccer, crickets, tennis etc.
  • To participate in multicultural matches where possible
  • To form Nepali sport council

Plan & Prepare

  • Consult with all the stakeholders
  • Work out appropriate model
  • Decide the game to trial with
  • Work out financial aspect
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present at the next meeting


  • Execute the project as planned and prepared


  • Parallel Statewise Committee will be formed
  • Co-ordinator can add more consultant/member as required discussing with the committee