As a non-profitable community organization, NRNA Australia has been regularly running several community based programs for the welfare of Nepalese communities and is aimed to run such programs in coming days too. With the growth of Nepalese Community in Australia, it is responsibility of the organization to dissipate information such as past, present and forthcoming events of NRNA and also the Nepalese community to all the members as well as Nepalese residing in Australia.


  • Prepare NRNA Newsletter quarterly
  • Manage Community Calendar


  • Collect and review the published news, articles, feedbacks and information about NRNA Australia and Nepalese Diaspora
  • Coordinate with Community Liaison and Engagement Project Team and NRNA Australia Spokesperson for the NRNA Australia’s events
  • Prepare NRNA Newsletter quarterly updating the past and future  activities of NRNA Australia
  • Prepare the calendar for community organizations and update them to minimize the duplicate of the events in the same day
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared