There are a number of talented children in remote areas who are not getting benefit of education due to family conditions and others. Poverty is one of the main reasons for depleting the children from education and people grown up in remote area are not getting similar education quality as in town and cities. Therefore, NRNA Australia has chosen this project to implement in remote areas. The development of these areas entirely depends on the people who live in these areas. Providing scholarship programs to kids in different level and/or in different schools can be one of the sustainable ways to encourage and motivate for the education. It is important to run our envisioned scholarship program in such a way/model that it could be followed by many others in a sustainable way.


  • Consult & discuss with relevant institutions
  • Prepare a sustainable scholarship model


  • Work out the feasibility of sponsoring children’s in remote areas
  • Estimate the funding possibilities of the projects including numbers of children and number of schools to be funded in 2 years period
  • Prepare the guidelines for selecting school considering the minimum requirement that selected project area should not be from the hometown of current NCC Office Bearer and Project team
  • Work out a sustainable model
  • Develop a mechanism to  engage Australian second generation kids in fundraising and promotional campaign
  • Execute the project as planned and prepared


Execute the project as planned and prepared