National Conference on Establishment and Running of Nepali Pathshala

Event Date: 08 Jul 2018 | Source: NRNA Australia

               Nepalese communities in different cities in Australia are running Nepali Pathshala to teach Nepali language and culture to our kids. NRNA Australia has recently established a taskforce to co-ordinate the efforts of these Nepali Pathshalas and explore avenues for providing the needed support to running of this language schools. In order to develop a framework for providing support to the Nepali Pathshalas, NRNA Australia Nepali Pathshala Taskforce is organising the following workshop.
Workshop title: 
National Conference on Establishment and Running of Nepali Pathshala -  Sharing Experiences and Developing a Common Framework for Support
Date: 8th July 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venue: Indreni Function Centre, 588 Princes Hwy, Rockdale NSW 2216, Australia
The objectives of the workshop are:
•    To share individual experiences in relation to the establishment of Nepali Pathshala, its running, the development of curriculum and course materials, resource arrangement, course evaluation and institutional arrangements
•    To identify key challenges and discuss the means to address these challenges
•    To develop a common and uniform framework for running the pathshalas including curriculum and course materials
•    To provide guidance to communities planning to start Nepali pathshalas in the near future
•    To develop a network of communication and co-operation among the Nepali Pathshalas across Australia
•    To develop taskforce program and activities to support the community initiations in running Nepali Pathshala
The structure of the workshop will be as follows:
•    Two morning sessions on presentations from the participants focusing on experience sharing and identifying the key challenges -  the presentation will be selected based on the content and appropriateness to the aim of the conference
•    One afternoon session on curriculum, resource materials, institutional arrangements in separate groups (group discussions), each group will make a presentation during the closing session
•    Closing session on development of NRNA task force program and activities based on the recommendations of the workshop

Who should attend the workshop?
The workshop has been specifically targeted for the following:
•    Members of the Nepali Pathshalas currently in operation across Australia (Teachers and management committee members)
•    Community members who would be interested in supporting this particular initiation such as school/college/university teachers, and social and cultural activists
•    Community members involved in the establishment of Nepali pathshala in the past
•    Members of community who are planning to start Nepali Pathshala in the near future
Any interested member of  a Nepali community organisation or any literary or cultural organisation will also be welcome to the workshop.
This is a very first initiation of this kind and we look forward to your participation and support. Please send your expression of interest (EOI) to participate/make presentation in the workshop by an email to by 15 June 2018. We will be in touch with you with further details after we have received your EOI.
Thank you,
Narayan Koirala
General Secretary, NRNA Australia
Coordinator, Nepali Pathshala Taskforce, NRNA Australia