Walk For Welfare 2018

Event Date: 24 Jun 2018 | Source: NRNA Australia
“Walk for Welfare” is an ongoing nationwide initiative led by Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) Australia, a National Coordination Committee(NCC) with an aim to promote the wellbeing of the community and raising funds for NRNA Social Welfare Fund. 

In Victoria, we aim to raise awareness around issues of mental health, domestic violence, harassment, isolation and related issues faced by the Nepalese community, particularly women, because, Victorian government data demonstrates that women are subjugated more than men, and it has been observed that recently-arrived women are the most vulnerable and need support. This is true for the Nepalese diaspora.

We address the fact that even though majority of the issues are faced by women, they apply to men as well and have equal impacts on them. 
Sunday, June 24 at 9 AM - 1 PM UTC+10
Venue: Princes Park 200 - 590 Royal Parade, Carlton North VIC 3054