There have been a number of Nepalese community organizations across Australia, and the number is continuously increasing. Although, these organizations mainly aim the benefit and welfare of their own members, they lack resources and necessary support for their institutional development. NRNA for many years has realized that it has been able to establish necessary link to these community organizations to promote its activities. It is therefore necessary to understand the kind of support these community organizations need, and what mechanism need to be provided to provide the needed support.


Identify and address local community issues and work for the betterment of the community.


  • Identify local community needs through regular interaction with them (running workshop & meeting in different states)
  • Develop a plan to support the community needs
  • Work with local government agencies for the support
  • Run/support programs that include the involvement of multiple community organizations
  • Update the community time to time about the NRNA Australia’s recent works for community via newsletter and other sources
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the project as planned and prepared