About Charity Project:

NRNA Australia is committed to  run charity projects in Nepal which can contribute in the development of Nepal and uplift of the living standard of people. This time the organisation has decided to build "Pathivara Jestha Nagarik Sharadsharam" in Biratnagar Nepal.

Pathivara Shradhashram Project team:

  Pathivara Project Team

Donations and Fund Raising Events to support Pathivara Shradhashram:

1. Donors - Victoria
2. Gala Dinner - Victoria
3. Donors - NSW
4. Walk For Nepal - NSW
5. NRN Night - NSW
6. Donors/NRN Night - NT

Project Update From Nepal:

1. Progress Update Presentation as of Oct 2015
2. Financial Report from Project team in Nepal as of October 2015

Background of the project:

Biratnagar Sub-metropolitan city has been planning to celebrate its 100th year of establishment with the theme of socio-economic development of City. The sub-metropolitan city has realized that there are numbers of old age people who are deprived of better care and have been forced to live miserable life.  Hence, the Sub-metropolitan city has planned to establish "Pathivara Jestha Nagarik Sharadsharam" in order to create social harmony and fulfill the requirements of those needy old age people.

The authority from Sub-metropolitan city has forwarded their request for all the community organization along with NRNA-Australia to contribute for the establishment of "Pathivara Jestha Nagarik Sharadsharam". As this concept is in line with the objective of community originations and NRNA-Australia, it would be great to contribute in this noble cause which results the visible and realizable output.


    1. The goal of the project is to establish and maintain approved facilities for the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of sick and elderly persons. It has following objectives:
    2. Provide accommodation and recreational facilities to old age people
    3. Provide better care to old age people who are deprived from those care
    4. To support each resident to achieve the highest quality of life possible.
    5. Sets the milestone for the wellbeing of old age people
    6. Establish common hall for programs, socializing venue and for TV and other recreational purpose.
    7. Spread positivity about community organizations along with NRNA
    8. Will be continuation of NRNA-Australia's welfare project 

For further details, refer to the attached document:

1. Project Appeal_Nepali

2.  Project Details_Nepali

How can you contribute?

Our little & collective help can make significant difference to those people who are in desperate need. You can contribute in this project by means of providing financial support, working as volunteers and by promoting and campaigning.  

If you wish to support this project financially, please transfer your donation to the following nominated Bank Account and send an email to charity@nrn.org.au

Account details:BSB: 032 078
Account No: 629083