Philanthropic and Humanitarian Assistance (PHA) is an effort put with a noble cause to improve human welfare without expecting in returns and can be considered as charity for noble cause.  PHA projects are paramount important to uplift the standards as well as save lives within the community/ country. Individual and several organisations in Australia are providing such support back in our motherland via several charity programs in different sectors such as education, water supply etc.  NRNA Australia has also been actively participating in such projects from the time of its establishment and will keep continue working for such projects. There is a need to collaborative work with individuals and organisations to manage the charity projects in Nepal and this taskforce aims to take a leading role in bringing all the possible organization into a common platform while running/ supporting charity projects back to our motherland.


  • Manage the charity projects providing ownership to the individuals/ organisations getting involved
  • Carry out few charitable activities independently as well as joining hands with Nepalese individuals and organisations in Australia


  • Prepare guidelines and plan for Charity Management and its importance
  • Conduct meetings with community organisations and brief the need
  • Run several charity projects such as e-library and motivate individuals and community organisations to join hands with NRNA Australia for implementation of the project.
  • Prepare appropriate plan and present in the next meeting


Execute the projects in time